Freediver Herbert Nitsch           "The Deepest Man on Earth"







Radio Interview

by Daniel Gross

What is the furthest you have gone under the water with a single breath? 15 feet? 20 feet? 30 feet? For our guest today, Herbert Nitsch, the answer is 830 feet. Herbert Nitsch is the current free diving world record holder and “the deepest man on earth". He holds 33 world records in all free diving disciplines - an unrivaled feat to date - which range from using weights and flotation to assist to no assistance at all.

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About the deepest dive and its aftermath.

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Herbert Nitsch is Aquaman forget the movie...Herbert free dives. How deep?  How about 831'. That's as deep as a WWII German U-Boat.. Herbert holds all of the major deep water dive records. He travels the world diving, being a steward of the oceans, check out his work with the Sea Shepherds, speaking and teaching us how to open new doors. 

Herbert Nitsch is a world record holder in the extremely dangerous sport of no-limits free-diving. He holds the official world record for swimming to a depth 702 feet without scuba equipment or any external air source. He has developed some of his own techniques for dealing with the dangers and challenges of the pressures at those depths. In 2012, Nisch surpassed his record, descending to a depth of 830. However on the ascent, he suffered from severe decompression sickness resulting in multiple strokes. After being in a coma for eight days, he doctors said he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Today, Herbert Nitsch is training and freediving once again.

Produced by Daniel Gross. Story editing and original music by Bob Carlson.