Freediver Herbert Nitsch           "The Deepest Man on Earth"

Freedive Workshops & Training

I rarely give workshops, simply because my life is already filled with many fun projects that keep me a busy man. However, I am often asked which freedive schools or which books I recommend. My answer is pretty standard: listen to everyone, learn from everyone, and then innovate to make your own way. Because, if you follow the way of others, you can only be as good as them.

There are some excellent freediving schools and a few good books written. My suggestion is to read various books by current and former champions, and attend several different schools to get a broader perspective of techniques that are out there. Learn through self discovery how to influence your bodily functions, and how to balance the intricate play between your body and mind.

Then apply your newfound knowledge, and innovate to create your own methods and techniques that seem most promising to you. No matter if it is controversial, no matter if your way is frowned upon. Be ready to try and fail a few times (been there, done that!). Good luck & above all: enjoy!